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The microcosm is reflected
in the macrocosm

Client Reviews

” … he unfolded things in my life that I couldn’t believe. I was absolutely amazed!”

Jeff, Dover NH

“I had one ‘ah-ha’ moment after another… The level of detail and precision in his work, without being prompted for further information, was quite impressive.”

Rachel, Milwakee WI

“He gave me invitational, nuanced answers to very complex themes in my life. I feel so validated and equipped going forward that the things I have been wrestling with have been for a much greater purpose.”

Brittany, Dover NH

“He tied together themes that have been present and illuminated patterns I hadn’t noticed.”

Angela, Eliot ME

Rob Stewart

Evolutionary Astrologer
Like many of you, my journey began with a desire for a deeper understanding of life and purpose. I have worked with clients from around the country and world, assisting them in connecting to their own deeper truth and understanding. For the past three years, I have been a monthly astrologer on Om Times Radio, a leading content provider in wellness and personal empowerment.

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