Like many of you, my journey has involved the need for a deeper understanding of myself and the patterns that arise in my life.  The answers I sought were not available through the lens of traditional science that I grew up in. New insight was revealed to me in 2010 through the lens of a multi-life perspective, which eventually led me to various trainings and certifications. In 2016 I founded Inner Center LLC and offered past life regression as a certified hypnotist.  A couple years later, I began reading birth charts professionally. 

While my journey has uncovered more questions than it has answered, it has also unveiled a gentle interconnectedness amongst all things, and has brought me a deeper level of inner peace and purpose.

My aim is to help clients release what is no longer serving them, so that they can live a life of peace, empowerment, and purpose.  

Approach & Vision

I feel the most valuable astrology reading is one that helps validate your deeper experiences and reminds you of the gentleness at the essence of who you are.  We are taught at a young age to disregard our intuitions and set aside our sensitivities. But I believe these unique self expressions are our greatest gifts. Astrology is a tool to help bring more self-awareness and self-compassion, and realign ourselves with the natural flow of life.  

In a reading we will discuss what astrology suggests are your strengths, sensitivities, as well as the energetic wounds of your past.  These wounds of the past can lead to improper self concepts and self-sabotage.  Through awareness and a gentleness with yourself, these improper programs can be released. 

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