Reconnect with your strength.

Do you feel a powerful calling to be an agent of change and embrace absolute, unflinching, unashamed self-acceptance?

Are any of your deepest strengths or gifts clouded over by disempowering beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, or emotions?

Astrology is a profound tool in bringing more self-awareness and inquiry into life, and can help illuminate a path forward in your personal empowerment journey.

As an astrologer, my goal/purpose is to help clients shine unapologetically. Let me share with you what astrology suggests could be a guiding light.

15-minute birth chart phone reading ($15)

Limit one reading per person, purchase by June 12th, 2023

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Rob Stewart, CH

Evolutionary Astrology, Restorative Hypnosis, Coach

Like many of you, my journey has involved an exploration for deeper meaning in this school of life.  My path of unfoldment has involved moving through chronic illness and shedding a 15-year career that no longer fit. Since 2016, I have been supporting clients in letting go of limiting beliefs and old self-concepts. My aim is to help you reconnect with inner peace, empowerment, and purpose. 

Since 2019, Rob has been a regular monthly astrologer on Om Times Radio, a leading content provider in wellness and personal empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can schedule your 15-minute phone reading for any time available on my online calendar.  I'm available on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

While it is not absolutely necessary, your exact birth time documented on your "long-form" birth certificate is ideal and highly worthwhile.  If your birth certificate does not have the time of birth listed, then it is a "short form" birth certificate.  In this case, we recommend you contact the town or city in which you were born for your birth time on your "long form" certificate.  

Once you purchase a reading you will receive a confirmation email with a link to submit your birth information and schedule your phone reading.

Yes, if you would like a recording of our phone session I will record it and email it to you afterwards.

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Please read the Terms and Conditions

What clients are saying:

"He hit on so many themes of my life that were spot on... He gave me some excellent resources to help me along my path, too. I have sent many people his way already because I truly am impressed and excited about his work! Thanks, Rob!"
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“I had one ‘ah-ha’ moment after another… The level of detail and precision in his work, without being prompted for further information, was quite impressive.”
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“He gave me invitational, nuanced answers to very complex themes in my life. I feel so validated and equipped going forward that the things I have been wrestling with have been for a much greater purpose.”
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“He tied together themes that have been present and illuminated patterns I hadn’t noticed.”
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"I have made so many positive changes already from this reading... I highly recommend and definitely encourage everyone to give themselves this gift of an evolutionary astrology reading with Rob!
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"Not only did the reading feel true and insightful, but I also felt very heard and understood."
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