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What if you could unlock the power of foresight?

The ‘Flow of Life’ annual astrology report provides personalized, in-depth, and empowering descriptions of themes that may be relevant in your life according to the stars.

Astrology offers a unique approach for self-reflection and navigating life with greater purpose and self-awareness. 

I’m offering your previous year astrology report absolutely FREE, so that you can test the system out for yourself before you invest a single dollar.

“He gave me invitational, nuanced answers to very complex themes in my life.”

What's included in your
Personalized Astrology Report?

Overarching Yearly Summaries

If your year had a chapter title, what might it be called? What might the major themes be in terms of personal empowerment, blessings, and support?

A Timeline of Specific Themes

The year is divided into seven periods, each with specific themes that astrology suggests are relevant.

The People Involved

You provide the birthdates (month/day) of up to eight people in your life and the report will reveal when they might be more involved than usual.

A Description of your 7-year Cycle

At an even wider lens, gain insight of the major themes that may be active during your 7-year cycle

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This report is packed full with astrological information

Meet the Astrologer

Rob Stewart
Rob is an evolutionary astrologer whose aim is to help clients reconnect with peace, empowerment, and purpose. Like many of you, his journey began with a desire for a deeper understanding of life. For the past three years, he has been a monthly astrologer on Om Times Radio, a leading content provider in wellness and personal empowerment.

Have Questions?

The free report is between 6 to 8 pages in length, depending on the year and the themes that are associated.

You can decide this for yourself by reviewing your previous year's report - without having to spend a single dollar.

If you are 35 years old, the free astrology report would be for your 34th year. The report would describe themes that may have unfolded between your 34th and 35th birthdays.

Enter your email in the form, below.  A link will be sent to your inbox that directs you to a secure online form where you can enter your birthdate and a list of up to 8 people you would like included in your report. You must use the same email on the secure form as you use to make your order, below. For privacy, the only information needed for the people you include are their month and day of birth and their nickname or initials.

Allow up to 24 hours to receive your personalized astrology report.

Your information will never be sold to a 3rd party and is held strictly confidential. Under no circumstances will your information ever be sold to a 3rd party.

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