The greatest teacher is within.

As practitioners, AnnaMaria, Rob, and Scott have been guided to partner and share space with those looking to find and offer wisdom. Our intention is to activate and support teachers seeking to nurture personal and collective evolution.

In this 2.5 hour online workshop we will share a heartfelt process that has supported countless clients in reconnecting with their inner knowing and personal truth.

Participants are asked to provide their birth information so that we can pair you with others who share a similar soul journey from an astrological perspective.

The next online workshop is:

Sunday, January 29th at 11:30am to 2pm EST

Workshop elements


Connect to ancestral folkloric and herbal traditions to access your authentic self.


Receive personalized astrological insight on your empowerment journey.


Explore aspects of your deeper knowing by drawing on Shamanic techniques and practices.

Activation &

Through group discussion we will invite the heart to sing and connect with the teacher within.

Who we are

AnnaMaria Quagliata

Folkloric Healer & Herbalist, Integrative Healer Arts Practitioner,
Health & Nutrition Coach, Medium, Mother, Cook

Raised in New York, I spent much of my time learning traditional healing modalities from my counsel of Italian family elders. I formally studied Psychology and Nutrition, am a certified yoga teacher and herbalist, and am trained as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner.  


Rob Stewart, CH

Transformational Coach, Evolutionary Astrology, Restorative Hypnosis

Like many of you, my journey has involved an exploration for deeper meaning in this school of life.  Since 2016, I have been supporting clients in letting go of limiting beliefs and old self-concepts. My aim is to help you reconnect with inner peace, empowerment, and purpose. 


Scott Cloutier, Ph.D., CHT

Spiritual Life Coach, Applied Shamanic Practioner & Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Integrative Healing Arts Practioner, Farmer,
Natural Builder, Professor of Sustainability and Happiness

I was fortunate enough, from a very young age, to be deeply connected to the magic of nature and all its teachers. Our work together will introduce or reacquaint you to your own knowing and supportive energies to live a heart centered existence.


Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop attendance is usually around 8 to 12 people and spans 2.5 hours. We begin with an overview, introductions, and intention setting. This is followed by breakout rooms for about 90 minutes where the practitioners rotate through the rooms with their personal offerings.  We end with a regrouping, integration, and reflection.

While it is not absolutely necessary, your exact birth time documented on your "long-form" birth certificate is ideal and highly worthwhile.  If your birth certificate does not have the time of birth listed, then it is a "short form" birth certificate.  In this case, we recommend you contact the town or city in which you were born for your birth time on your "long form" certificate.  

It would be ideal for you to attend from a quiet place where you have privacy. Earphones are highly recommended in the event of deeper guided work.

Once you purchase and reserve your spot in the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a secure registration form.

The next online workshop begins in...

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What participants are saying:

"The workshop was great, what the world needs! Healing past and present, ripples for all generations to come and past ancestors. You each have a lovely gift, presence, and messages. Your concise, well delivered reading in particular was right on for me, past lives, explaining my evident life themes! Especially regard to home and inner child work. Anna Maria reflected current healing themes that my guides are showing me now. Scott provided a great healing tool everyone will benefit from as well, drumming meditation and focus to bring it all together."
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"I loved every facet."
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"The workshop is a powerful combination of healing arts. Separately, the practitioners are wonderful and share their gifts with generosity and love. Together, the team members provide a safe environment to catalyze their talents and facilitate our innate desire to heal. Each session is valuable on its own, but doing them consecutively allows for more depth. It’s a beautiful and gentle way to meet with one’s own soul."
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